A Disciplined and Different Approach to Investment Management

Dry stone corbelling is an ancient method of construction employing no mortar or trusses, only the careful selection of individual stones fitted together and angled precisely to safeguard interiors and withstand the elements for centuries.

Drystone investing is the construction of complete portfolios through a careful selection of investments fitted together and monitored closely. Drystone LLC builds portfolios to meet clients' real-world needs and to withstand market vagaries for many years while avoiding unproductive levels of complexity or turnover.

Drystone LLC reflects the durability of dry stone construction in its name and its key principles:
Respect for Detail, Genuine Diversification, and Investment Excellence.

As of September 30, 2019 Drystone LLC manages $104.2 million for fifteen client families who believe that portfolio management should be a service, not a product. Drystone's service to each of these clients is a disciplined blend of:

  • Stewardship - client objectives alone guide all of Drystone's portfolio decisions
  • Total Portfolio Counseling and Active Investment Selection - integrated so that clients work directly with the person making all investment decisions on their behalf
  • Concentrated Individual Investments and Diversified Index Investing - combined to build more robust portfolios


Drystone LLC investment portfolio manager