Drystone Culture

The principles of stewardship and agent-owner alignment guide all Drystone’s work.

Drystone discipline:
Drystone's manager invests his own portfolio in the same securities as clients.

…without commingling of funds.
Drystone only manages separate accounts and does not mix funds from different client accounts or Drystone manager accounts. No tax or investment effects driven by other clients’ cash-flow decisions. None of the lopsided economics and tax complications of limited partnerships.

Drystone discipline:
A limited number of clients per manager. Volume is the enemy of proactive service and timely investment decisions. Drystone prefers to work closely with a small number of clients who know us well, value our work, and trust our advice.

Drystone difference:
Drystone wants investor staying power to come naturally, not by force. No partnership agreements, no exit barriers, no lock-ups. Client accounts reside – visible, separate and accessible – at a third-party broker-custodian not affiliated with Drystone.

Drystone LLC investment portfolio manager