Drystone Performance History

Drystone provides each client a quarterly report of portfolio performance versus benchmarks for the most recent calendar quarter and since portfolio inception. Drystone reports performance for a client's Total Portfolio and the Concentrated Investments subset alone.

The following is the composite performance of all client portfolios since Drystone's founding in 2008:

Average Annual 8/1/2008 - 09/30/2019

Drystone Total Portfolio (including any cash reserves) Before Fee
8.8 %
Drystone Total Portfolio (including any cash reserves) Net of Fee
8.2 %
Blended Stock/Bond Benchmark*
8.3 %

Drystone Concentrated Investments (individual stocks) Before Fee
13.0 %
Drystone Concentrated Investments (individual stocks) Net of Fee
S&P 500 Stock Index Benchmark
10.3 %

*Drystone compares its Total Portfolio composite to a benchmark equal to the weighted average of the benchmark index mixes of all clients in each month's composite, which are blends of the S&P 500 Stock Index and the Bloomberg Municipal Bond and Aggregate Bond Indices. The most recent month's blend is 70% S&P 500, 25% Bloomberg Municipal, and 5% Bloomberg Aggregate.

For detailed monthly performance figures with explanatory footnotes, please refer to the attached:

Total Portfolio Composite
Concentrated Investments Only Composite

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