Portfolio Counseling

Hire a mule with an attention span, not a one-trick pony or a stable of ponies.

Portfolio counseling too often receives only cursory consideration from product-driven specialist investment managers preoccupied with narrowly-defined strategies. On the other hand, consultants and open-architecture advisors provide portfolio counseling and draft investment policies but outsource the actual investment management to a roster of sub-advisors.

Both trends – specialization and open architecture – have merits, but they have also increased the distance between portfolio owner (the client) and portfolio agent (the investment manager). With that greater distance, there is a greater risk of errors in interpretation, errors in implementation, and a diminished sense of agent accountability.

These unhealthy side effects can take root even inside a single money management firm, if that firm creates internal layers between a high volume of clients and a detached series of specialist employees.

Drystone difference:
Drystone brings professional zeal and extensive experience to both portfolio counseling and investment selection without layers of bureaucracy or gaps in accountability.

Stewardship requires attention to detail.

Drystone discipline:
A portfolio exists to meet the real-world needs of its owner. For each client, Drystone prepares and adheres to a customized Statement of Investment Objectives which articulates:
  • return expectations and benchmarks
  • risk definition/tolerance
  • time horizon
  • liquidity/spending needs
  • tax, trust, estate planning considerations
  • client legal duties, e.g. as a trustee or a corporate insider
  • unique considerations, e.g. charitable or family gifting

The client's goals combine with Drystone’s investment analysis to determine the optimal:
  • asset allocation: target ranges for asset mix which allow flexibility but also prevent portfolio drift
  • asset location: if a client has a multi-account portfolio, matching each asset to appropriate account

Understanding client objectives begins the alignment of portfolio agent with portfolio owner.

Drystone difference:
Portfolio managers who understand and care about the owner-objectives of their clients are more likely to have clients who understand and trust the agent-actions of the portfolio managers. This helps to engender the greater investor staying power which many investment choices require to reach fruition and deliver superior long-term returns.

Drystone discipline:
Drystone also wants its relationships with clients to be self-policing in that each Statement of Investment Objectives contains benchmarks and steps to keep Drystone’s management in line with or ahead of client expectations over an appropriate time horizon.


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